We Pegasus, is a world class Branding Company with IT , Web, SEO, Media services, established in Doha – State of Qatar. Our strategy and technology are passionately driven by the single-minded goal of making our customers business objectives and dreams a reality. We serve the industry with the best quality products and services at the most affordable prices and within time-frame.

We are one of the leading web design companies in Qatar, provides software development , online applications, Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing  through Facebook , Twitter, Google and other social web sites.


  • ElproEnergy.com

    Elpro Energy INC USA is a leading provider of BMS, LED lights, Street Lighting System and Renewable Energy. Done Web and Branding

  • DWAQatar.com

    Dukhan Women Association is a social group of Ladies under the supervision on QP Dukhan. Done Web

  • BlueDiamondQatar.com

    Blue Diamond is leading retailer of all the major brands of Watches and other luxury items. Done Web

  • ShahadAlJAzeera.com

    SAJ is leading sweets and pastry shop chain in Qatar and All Over Middle East. Done Web and Branding in Qatar

  • PearlNLC.com

    Pearl NLC is leading Excavation and Dredging company in Qatar. Done Web

  • Al Attiyah Factory

    Al Attiyah Factory is a leading caravan manufacturer in Qatar. Done Graphic Design

  • AlEmadi.Com.Qa

    Al Emadi is leading brand in real estate industry in Qatar. Done Web.

  • AlmeadiSolar.com

    AlEmadi Solar is a leading provider of renewable energy in Qatar. Done Web , Branding

  • DohaDolphins.com

    Doha Dolphins is a leading swimming club and swimming training club in Qatar. Done web , Branding

  • EasyHomesQatar.com

    Easy Homes is a leading real estate company in Qatar. Done Web and Branding

  • Loghaticentre.com

    Loghati Centre is a leading arabic learning institute run by Al Emadi Group. Done web

  • Marsh

    Marsh is a leading construction company in Qatar. Done Branding

  • OceanusQatar.com

    Oceanus international is one of the leading provider of Oil Field Supply in Doha - Qatar . Done Web

  • Dyam.Qa

    Dyam is a luxury magazine for Yacht, Aviation and Jewellery in Doha - Qatar. Done Web and Printing

  • Mustafawi

    Mustafawi is a leading rent a car and pickup - drop company in Doha- Qatar. Done web design layout

  • Oceanus

    Oceanus is leading trading and contracting company in Qatar. Done Branding , Media and Printing

  • Pegasus-Qatar.com

    Pegaus is a leading trading , Contracting and scaffolding company in Qatar. Done Web , Hosting and Printing Services

  • Kaldari Marine

    Kaldari Marine is a leading Boat Seller in Qatar. Done SEO, Media, Showroom Branding

  • Hello-Qatar.Com

    hello-qatar.com is a informative and classified portal in Qatar. Done SEO, Branding , IT Support

  • HCL

    HCL is an international IT Giant offering various IT Solutions in Qatar. Done IT Supprt and Media

  • Excelledia

    Excelledia is leading Quality Consulting company in Qatar, offering Six Sigma CErtifications. Done SEO, Branding , IT Support

  • Emco Qatar

    Emco Qatar is a leading Facility management and MEP Company in Qatar. Done SEO, IT Support in Qatar

  • Contraco

    Contraco is a leading Construction company in Qatar. Done Media, Server Support and IT Support

  • Arena

    Arena Flooring is a UK based company working in Qatar, a Leading Flooring provider in Qatar.Done media services

  • Mamma Mia

    Mamma Mia is another special product for women in Qatar. Design Done for vehicle branding.

  • A Asadi

    Al Asadi is the dealer of Backaldirn products in Qatar. design done for vehicle branding (Mitsubishi Canter)

  • 24Spare.Qa

    24 Spares is a platform for people to search related to the spareparts dealers across Doha- Qatar